Mission Statement

  • The Mission of Hopkins County Schools
    is to unite as one team
    to learn and inspire.

Central Office Hours

  • The Central Office is open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays. In June and July, the office will operate on summer hours. Starting June 1, Central Office will be open from 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

    * The office will be closed on May 30, 2022.


  • Attention Preschool Families … In an effort to help our hard-working Transportation Department smooth out routes, our preschool start date has been delayed to August 24. This will ensure routes are running smoothly and buses can be back at schools on time to pick up PM preschool students. This information has been sent directly to preschool parents through Parent Square. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding!

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Remember Your Why Award

  • HCS Remember Your Why on navy blue background

    Hopkins County Schools wants to recognize employees and students for good deeds and kindness shown to others. Remember Your Why Award winners may be nominated by any district stakeholder, including staff, students, parents, and community members. The nomination form is available at www.hopkins.kyschools.us/RememberYourWhy.


  • Shanda Hughes, a CIA at Grapevine Elementary School, received the Remember Your Why Award at the Board Shanda Hughes of Education meeting on Monday, June 20. Her role encompasses so much more than her job as SOS CIA! She is the first friendly face students see each morning in the car rider line. She is the person pulling students out for work on sight words and fluency. She is also the first one that will tell students to straighten up and share a lesson on how to make better choices while also being the first to offer a hug. She takes care of staff by decorating offices for appreciation days, lending a hand when needed, and organized a T-shirt fundraiser for a co-worker battling cancer. She is loved by staff and students and embodies the theme, One Team, One Mission One Community!

    When asked her why, Mrs. Hughes said, “My why #1 is the students – they need someone extra in their life that will dance with them when they reach goals, talk to them outside of their class and, yes, show some tough love if they are going in the wrong direction. Why #2 is coworkers/framily. They also need someone extra in their lives that will run those last-minute copies, give them a mental moment, let them have a potty break or supply them with needed emergency chocolate. All and all, my why is I do what I do because I love what I do! 

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  • Hopkins County Career & Technology Center business instructor Sonya Shockley received the Remember Your Sonya Shockley Why Award at the Board of Education meeting on Monday, June 6.
    Shockley deserves this recognition because of the difference she makes in the lives of her students, according to the two people who nominated her. She teaches her students skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. She equips them with knowledge of the newest technology and software so they are ahead of the typical high school student. She spends countless hours after school preparing quality lessons and creating fun projects. Mrs. Shockley greets each student at the door, gives them real-world projects, and reaches out to anyone who misses class to make sure they are ok. There was low interest in the business program when she came to the CTC. That quickly changed, and there was a waiting list for the classes at the end of her first year. She goes above and beyond every day to take care of students and make sure they are smiling and in a great state of mind to learn!
    Shockley said her “Why” is that she gets to share in the learning experiences of her students and celebrate in their victories!
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  • Jack Wagoner, a senior at Madisonville North Hopkins High School, received the Remember Your Why Award Group standing with Jack Wagoner  during the Board of Education meeting on Monday for his helpful actions at Olympic Field Day. A 4th-grade student had put his glasses in a dollar store bag during Olympic Field Day and left the bag near the basketball station. He didn’t realize the bag was missing until it was time to load the bus. Staff started asking if anyone had seen the bag or knew whether it had been thrown away Jack stepped up and said they had just taken the trash off. He ran up the hill to the dumpsters and was able to retrieve the bag that included the student’s glasses. Hanson Elementary School teacher Ashli Franklin, who nominated Jack, said she was very impressed with his willingness to “go above and beyond” to help a student find his lost glasses!

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