English Resources

  • Grammar - In the grammar section, you can find help identifying the various parts of a sentence and parts of speech, as well as instructions to help you complete sentence diagrams.  There are also tips to help with specific writing problems.    

    Poetry - The poetry section includes information on literary devices associated with poetry, rhyme scheme, scansion, and the types of poetry. 

    Reading Novels Like a College Student - This section of my Web site gives tips and pointers on reading novels for class. 

    Major Works Data Sheet - A blank MWDS and instructions for completion. 

    Glossary of Terms  - Update in progress.

    Update Information:  I am currently transferring many of my existing handouts to the Web.  As a result, the resources will be frequently updated until they are fully complete.  At this time, the grammar area and glossary are still under construction.

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