Life Science Syllabus

  • Life Science A and B Syllabus

    Trimester 1 and 2: 2012-2013


    Teacher: Shelia Clay                                                     Rm: 18

    Email: shelia.clay@hopkins.kyschools .us               School # 825-6017

    Planning: 1stperiod( 1st trimester)- 3rdnd period(2nd trimester)-2nd(3rd trimester)

    1.     Classroom Rules and Procedures

    A.    Class Rules:

    These rules are to help you and your peers have a peaceful learning environment.

    1.     Pay attention and always try to do your best.

    2.     Come to class everyday prepared with necessary materials.

    3.     Treat everyone’s property and person with respect.

    4.     Follow directions.

    5.     No food or drink

    6.     No cell phones

    Consequences for not following rules:

    1.     Warning

    2.     Parent contact/ Detention

    3.     Office referral/ will result in Saturday school, ICE, suspension

    B.     Procedures:

    At the beginning of class, enter room and take assigned seat, you may talk quietly until tardy tone sounds. While teacher calls roll student are to be answering bellringer, if there is one for that day.

    **If you are absent ask for missed assignments.

    **If you need to use the restroom/drink or water/nurse: Just ask at appropriate time and raise hand, have agenda signed by teacher. *If bathroom trips become excessive in use the privilege will be reduced or limited.

    11. Material: Loose leaf notebook paper, pencils, three ring binder

    111. Grading

    -         Class work, homework- 60%

    -         Tests and Quizzes- 40%

    Your final average for the trimester will be calculated as follows:

    -         Class Average -80%

    -         Final Exam- 20%

    *Bonus opportunities will be given in different forms throughout the semester>

    1V. Chapters Overview

    The topics will be covered in class as much as possible:

    -         Introduction to Science – Chapter 1

    -         Chemistry- Chapter 2

    -         The Cell – Chapter 7,10, 19

    -         Genetics – Chapter 11

    End Of Course Test-

    This year, Kentucky has revised its state testing system to include end of course exams in several high school core subjects. The EOC is simply a final that is given to all biology students in the state when they complete the course.  It allows schools to more accurately compare how their teachers and students are performing. After your child has completed both parts of Biology, he/she will take the EOC exam for that course. It will count 20% of the student’s final grade.


    Thank you for allowing me to the opportunity to by your teacher this year.

    Shelia Clay