Kindergarten Registration


    KRS 158.030---any child who is five years of age or who may become five years of age by August 1st may enter a public kindergarten; any child who is six years old or may become six years of age by August 1st shall attend public school.

    Kindergarten is compulsory.  All children must attend.

    A child/parent must provide the following:

    • A legal birth certificate or other reliable proof* of age and identification
    • Proof of residency **
    • A Social Security Card
    • An up-to-date immunization certificate
    • School entrance physical exam on a Kentucky form
    • Current eye exam by an optometrist/ophthalmologist
    • Dental screening or examination on a Kentucky form
    • No phone registrations

    * Types of "other reliable proof" of a student's identity and age may include but not be limited to Social Security card; passport; military identification or immigration card; baptismal certificate; copy of the record of baptism – notarized or duly certified and which reflects the date of the student’s birth; recording of student’s name and birth in a family Bible or other religious text; notarized statement from the parents or another relative or guardian as to the date of the student’s birth; prior school record indicating the date of the student’s birth; driver’s license or learner’s permit; adoption record; any religious record authorized by a religious official; affidavit of identity and age; any government document or court record reflecting the date of the student’s birth; oral proof when the native language of a parent or guardian is not a written language.

    ** Proof of Residency includes County Property Tax Bill, Mortgage Statement, Lease/Rental agreement, or a utility bill in your name for the current month showing the residence property address; and at least one of the following: *Proof of residency from the county registrar of voters; or *Current vehicle registration showing residency property address; or *current driver's license; or *other bill addressed to you at your residence address. Your application will NOT be processed and your student will NOT be given an enrollment for the upcoming school year until/unless you verify the address. NOTE: If legal custody of a child is split between two parents, in addition to the documents listed above, you must also attach a certified copy of the court order so primary residency can be established.  You are responsible to immediately inform the school of any changes to the court order.




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