What to Expect in 6th Grade Language Arts

  • Course Description: This course continues the development of the student as a writer, reader, and critical thinker.  We will continue the development of writing strategies and extend the study of sentence writing, vocabulary, grammar, and paragraph development. As a part of this study, the student will develop the following lifelong learning skills:

    Ø  Reading, writing, and interpreting a variety of materials and relating it to real world situations and self.

    Ø  Developing critical thinking skills

    Ø  Increasing the vocabulary skills

    Ø  Increasing proper and effective use of grammar and the mechanics of writing

    Units of Study

    * Students will know the differences among the parts of speech.

    * Students will know the various parts of a sentence.

    * Students will practice and use a strong vocabulary.

    * Students will practice and create original writing pieces of different types including           

        letters, essays, narratives and poems.