• Positive Behavior Guidelines

    Introducing the Foul System:

    The following behaviors will be considered fouls. Fouls are cumulative and will be given in all classrooms. After 5 fouls, students are no longer eligible for the monthly behavior incentive and receive a detentions for all further offenses that month). Fouls start over at the beginning of each month.

    Examples of minor infractions

    - Missing supplies—paper, pencil, textbook, AR book

    - Forgetting materials resulting in a trip to the locker

    - No agenda

    - No homework

    - Sleeping

    - Gum/candy

    - Tardy to class

    - Talking

    - Disruptive behavior in the classroom, assemblies, hallway, etc. (subject to teacher discretion)

    - Off Task

    - Missing/Incomplete Assignments

    Automatic Foul Out

    A student has automatically fouled out if he/she receives one of the following:

    - ICE

    - Suspension

    - Detention (including dress code violations and possession of a telecommunication device)

    Positive Behavior Incentives May Include:

    - Movies—

    - at school & theater

    - Kickball Tournaments

    - Ice Cream Socials

    - Basketball

    - Board Games/Interactive Games

    - Bowling

    - Plays & Performances

    - Picnics