Classroom News

  • Classroom Rules:

    C- Commit to Success
    (Be Prepared, Bring all materials to class, Always have a book with you)

    A- Act Responsibly
    (Be on time and in your seat, Raise your hand to speak, Be ready to work)

    T- Try Your Best
    (Turn in Assignments on time, Use the process of elimination, never leave an answer blank)

    S- Show Respect
    (Remain seated, Be attentive, Do not be disruptive to the learning process)

    **All rules/expectations in the District and School Code of Conduct are strictly enforced.**


    1)    Verbal Warning

    2)   Foul

    3)   Parent Contact

    4)   Office Referral

    *Severe Disruption will result in Office Referral Immediately!