Library Procedures

  • SHMS Library Procedures  

    • Find a book or magazine that you enjoy. If you don’t like the one you checked out, bring it back and find another. 
    • Bring books or magazines to circulation desk. 
    • Tell me your name and whether you want to check materials in or out. If both, check in first.  
    • You may check out two items from the collection and keep them two weeks except for magazines which may be checked out for one week. Materials may be renewed if not on hold for another student. 
    • Books and magazines that are currently checked out may be placed on hold. 
    • Checkout privileges will be suspended when a student has an overdue book or magazine. A special collection of books is available for students who are on the overdue list. 
    • Lost or damaged library materials are the financial responsibility of the student who checked them out. (If your friend wants to read your library book, return the book so that we can put it in your friend’s name.) 
    • Computers are for book searches, research, and assignments. 

    Care of Books  

    • Always use a bookmark or piece of paper to mark your place (no turning down pages). 
    • Keep books in a safe place. 
    • Keep books dry. 
    • Return books in a timely manner so that others can also enjoy them. 

    Classroom Conduct

    • Raise your hand to speak.
    • Remain seated and attentive
    • Keep hands, feet, other objects, and unneccessary comments to yourself.
    • Sharpen pencils when you arrive.
    • Throw away trash when you leave.
    • Keep electronic devices and cell phones in proper places.
    • Stay in your seat until the bell rings (or you are dismissed by teacher).