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     Summer Band Camp Help (Central Band Members) sign up is here:

    High School Help Form



    To sign up for Band, Choir or Both, you can fill out this form (3 questions, super easy).



    If you cannot make the date or times work, please contact me so we can figure out a solution. 


    If you are running early or late to your appointment,

    please call or text Mr. Moss so he can help you join us with our safety procedures.

    Masks must be work and social distancing must be followed. Thank you for your help keeping us all stay safe and sound! 








    Contact Info:

    Mr. Moss travels to South, West and Central daily.  Calling a school phone won't be the quickest way to get in touch.

    Email me: 

    Or Message using the Remind App.  When you do, please start your message with "This is ______" then I can help you better. 


    If you need to speak with me, send your number in a remind message and I will call you as soon as I am free.


    Fair Warning:  If I am at Central, I cannot guarantee that I will get your email or message when you send it. 

    The cell service is spotty at best.  No service is the norm. 





    2020-21 Dates are starting to be scheduled

    Just understand that things will change, sometimes more than once. 

    Thank you for being flexible.

    When there is a change, I will post it here as quickly as I can. 


    In the Meantime:

    1.  Take care of yourself

    2.  Be good to your folks

    3.  Get better on your instrument every day

    4.  Learn something in each of your classes every day.

    5.  Be the great kid we know each and every one of your are!