• For Parents: What is the ILP? 
    Students across Kentucky are required to complete an Individual Learning Plan 
    (ILP). The Career Cruising ILP Tool is designed to help students bring together their 
    academic achievements, extracurricular experiences, and career and 
    education exploration activities. This enables the student, parents or guardians, 
    teachers, and counselors to work together to develop a course of study that 
    meets the student's needs and goals. 

    The Student ILP Tool allows students to: 
    •  Record their career, education, and life goals. 
    •  Bookmark careers and schools that are of interest to them and  include their thoughts about each. 
    •  Explore the Kentucky Career Clusters and track the clusters that  interest them. 
    •  Store their results from standardized tests and assessments,  including Career Matchmaker 
    •  Keep track of their career and educational exploration activities. 
    •  Record their extracurricular activities, hobbies, and interests. 
    •  Document their community services and work experience. 
    •  Develop their four-year high school education plan. 
    •  List awards and recognitions they have received. 
    •  Document learning services and programs they have participated in. 
    •  Upload related files, such as essays, scanned artwork, and letters  of reference. 
    •  Create personalized, professional-looking resumes. 
    The Parent/Guardian ILP Tool allows you to: 
    •  View the work your child has entered in his or her ILP. 
    •  Learn more about the careers and schools that are of interest to  your child. 
    •  Record your thoughts and comments about your child's learning plan. 
    •  Email your comments to your child's advisors. 
    To log into the Parent ILP Tool, go to and enter 
    your parent/guardian username and password. 

    Please contact your child's career advisor for your Parent/Guardian ILP Tool login information.