This is a great site for kids with lots of fun reading activities and games.
    This site has lots of great reading activities that you can do at home with your child.
    This site is full of fun math activities.
    This website has lots of different activities involving Fry Words.  Fry words are sight words (words that often cannot be sounded out, but must just be recognized) that students will work on throughout the year.
    You can use this website to make words, sentences, numbers, or your child's name for them to trace.  All you do is pick the font and size you want, enter in what you want it to say and it dots it on writing paper, then you print it.  It is a wonderful tool to help your child improve their handwriting!
    This site is sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.  It has members of the Screen Actors Guild reading stories!  Our students always enjoy listening to these stories!