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    Band Assignment for Jan. 10th :


    Today you get to be a musicologist.  That's a person who studies music.

    Your assignment is to choose ONE of the topics below.  Open a google doc, write your answer and send it to david.moss@hopkins.kyschools.us before the end of class.  You MAY use wikipedia as a source.  Start with a google search of your chosen topic. 


    1.  A 3 paragraph history of Rock and Roll written in your own words (not cut and pasted)

    2.  A 3 paragraph history of jazz in your own words.

    3.  A 3 paragraph history of bluegrass, in your own words.

    4. A 3 paragraph history of country music in your own words.

    5.   A 3 paragrph history of your instrument (in your own words). 

    6. A 3 paragraph biography of a musician (in your own words). 

    7.  Step by step process on how drumsticks are made (in your own words).

    8.  Step by step process how reeds are made (in your own words). 

    9.  Step by step process on how to oil valves and grease slides (in your own words). 

    10.  Step by step process on how cymbals are made (in your own words). 












    2020 Dates




     All District Band  Jan. 10th

    UT-Martin  Honor Band Jan. 23-25

    Middle School All State Band Jan. 31-Feb. 1

    Concert Festival March 


    Holiday World Music Festival  May 9th










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