My Booklist

  • One of my fondest memories of childhood is sitting in my Granny's lap and listening to her read a book to me. The words came alive as she read such books as I Like the Farm by Nancy Hoag Wolff and Frisker by Mary Lauer Nowak. I can still remember exactly how the pages sounded as she would lick her finger, grab the top corner, and turn. Those precious times encouraged a love for books that has continued into my adulthood. I have treasured reading to my children when they were little and look forward to someday reading to my grandchildren. I hope you will take the time while your children are little to pause for a moment from this busy life and let your child go on a spectacular adventure as the words come alive for them as well!

Children's Books

  • Big Al

    by Andrew Clements Yoshi Year Published: Average
    Big Al is a scary-looking fish with no friends. He proves what a terrific fish he is and finds a whole school of new friends.

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  • Little Elephant's Trunk

    by Hazel Lincoln Year Published: Average
    Little Elephant's trunk trips him as he takes his first steps. He watches other African animals as they drink, cool themselves, and eat. He wonders how elephants do things. He learns how useful his trunk can be.

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  • Me On the Map

    by Joan Sweeney Year Published: Average
    This book introduces maps to help children become familiar with finding places on the map like streets, towns, states, and countries.

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  • My Five Senses

    by Aliki Year Published: Average
    A book that explores the five senses.

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  • See the Circus

    by H.A. Rey Year Published: Average
    A Curious George rhyming book that teaches about the circus.

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  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    by Eric Carle Year Published: Average
    A playful, colorful book to introduce the life cycle of a butterfly.

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  • The Relatives Came

    by Cynthia Rylant Year Published: Average
    A book about spending summer vacation with the relatives. They spent weeks hugging, eating, and breathing together.

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  • Johnny Appleseed

    by Jodie Shepherd Year Published: Average
    A book about John Chapman's life. John Chapman was born in Massachusetts in 1774. He later became known as Johnny Appleseed after spreading apple seeds and apple trees to settlers in the Ohio valley.

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  • Inside a House That is Haunted

    by Alyssa Satin Capucilli Year Published: Average
    A Rebus Read-Along Story about Halloween and all of the creatures that would live in a haunted house.

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  • Saying Grace - A Prayer of Thanksgiving

    by Virginia Kroll Year Published: Challenging
    A book that journeys back in time and relives both the hardships and blessings of Grace and her pioneer family. The book tells the story of one girl and her discovery of the value of mealtime prayer at her family's first Thanksgiving.

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  • Every Autumn Comes the Bear

    by Jim Arnosky Year Published: Average
    A bear shows up every autumn behind a family farm. He climbs the hill to find his den, seeing many woodland creatures along the way.

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