• As part of non-traditional instruction days, on snow days parents may receive a One Call and/or e-mail telling you it's a SKILLS day. Students should log on to to complete 5 assignments for each SKILLS day (reading, math, language, science, and social studies). Your child's user name and password can be found in the front of his/her agenda.

    Please don't wait until the night before we return to school to have your child begin SKILLS work. The assignments are designed to cover material similar to more than 6 hours at school that day. If pencil and paper are needed for math (or any subject), have your child get the needed materials and work to the best of his/her ability. The goal is to score 80% or higher on every section.

    Any SKILLS work your child does not complete at home will be completed when we return to school.

    I'll be available on SKILLS days by e-mail Feel free to send me any questions!

    Regular homework assignments are still due as assigned.

    1/5/17 Snow day

    1/6/17 SKILLS Day#1

    Thanks for your support!

    Mrs. Coursey