School-wide Expectations

  • Each school will establish school-wide expectations for behavior that students should strive to meet. The Transportation Department is also establishing expectations for bus behavior.


    Browning Springs Middle School

    B    Be Prepared
          E   Earn Respect
    A    Act Responsibly
        Reflect a Positive Attitude
    S    Show Cooperation


    Bus Expectations

         B    Be Responsibly
    U   Use Respect
    S    Safety First  


    Grapevine Mission Statement

    We will work together to achieve a respectful, positive learning environment to ensure success for EVERY Grapevine Wildcat.

    Guidelines for Success

                  C    Cooperate with others.
             A  Always do your best.

                       T   Treat others with respect.
    S   Stay positive.


    Hanson Elementary

    H    Have respect for all
    Exercise responsibility
    Show a positive attitude

    Hopkins County Central High School

    S    Stay Positive
    T    Tolerate Others
    O    Own Your Actions
        Respect Self and Others 
          M    Meet High Expectations

    Hopkins County Day Treatment Blackhawks

    H    High Expectations
    A    Accountable for Actions
    W   Work to Potential
          K    Kindness to Others 
          S    Show Respect

    James Madison Middle School
    Patriot Pride

    P    Positive attitude

    R    Respect

    I     Integrity

    D   Dedication

    E    Excellence


    Jesse Stuart Elementary School

    S    Students and Staff
          O    Offer Encouragement
          A    Act Responsibly        
          R    Respect One Another



    Madisonville North Hopkins High School

    M    Maroons:

    O     Operate responsibly

    P      Plan goals and have high expectations, and

    S      Show respect


    Pride Elementary

    P    Prepared

    R    Respectful

    I      Involved

    D    Determined

    E     Enthusiastic



    South Hopkins Middle


               C    Commit to success 

         A    Act responsibly

    T   Try your best
        Show respect


    Southside Elementary

               C    Commit to success 

         A    Act responsibly

    T   Try your best
        Show respect


    West Broadway Elementary

    Do Your Best

    Do What is Right

    Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated



    West Hopkins 

    C    Cardinals will
    A    Act Responsibly
    R    Respect myself and others
        Display a positive attitude 
          S    Strive to be an active learner