• Hopkins County Board of Education conducts regular monthly meetings throughout the year. Special meetings or any changes to meeting dates will be announced 24 hours in advance.

    Board Agendas (Links to minutes from previous meetings are embedded in the agendas)

    Community Participation

    Public comments will be allowed at Board of Education meetings only if the topic is regarding an agenda item. Individuals who wish to speak on an agenda item must submit the online form by noon on the day of a meeting. Paper forms will be available at the Central Office but must also be submitted by noon on meeting days. The three-minute time limit remains in place.

    Individuals with comments/questions on other topics may also submit them using this form. These submissions will be reviewed and the appropriate person will be in touch later if a response is required.

    A link to the online form will be available on this webpage three days before a meeting. For example, check on Friday afternoon for the comment form for a Monday meeting.

    Online Comment Form (Form for the June 17, 2024, meeting)

    (Link will typically be available the Friday afternoon before a meeting and the form is automatically set to stop accepting responses at noon on the meeting day.)


    Board of Education Members


    Division I 

    John Osborne

    Board Chairman
    Email: osbornejt3@gmail.com

    White Plains 1 (A001)
    White Plains 2 (A002)
    Nortonville 3 (A003)
    Nortonville 4 (A004)
    St. Charles 5 (A005)
    Mortons Gap 6 (A006M)
    Barnsley 7 (A007)
    Earlington 15 (B015E)
    Ilsley 40 (F040)


    John Osborne

    Division II

    Steve Faulk

    Board Member
    Email: steve.faulk@hopkins.kyschools.us

    Archery 9 (B009)
    Archery 11 (B011)
    Archery 13 (B013M)
    Elks 43 (F043M)

    Archery 44 (G044M)
    Archery 45 (G045M)
    West Broadway 46 (G046M)
    West Broadway 47 (G047M)
    Elks 48 (G048M)
    Elks 49 (G049M)
    Elks 50 (G050)

     Steve Faulk

    Division III

    Shannon Embry

    Board Member
    Email: s.embry@gmail.com


    James Madison 10 (B010)
    James Madison 12 (B012)
    Hanson 16 (C016)
    Ashbyburg 17 (C017)
    James Madison 18 (C018)
    James Madison 19 (C019M)
    James Madison 21 (C021M)
    Hanson 23 (D023)

    Hanson 24 (D024)

     Shannon Embry

    Division IV

    Nicholas Foster

    Board Member 
    Email: nick.foster@hopkins.kyschools.us

    Earlington 8 (B008)
    Nebo 30 (E030)
    Manitou 31 (E031)
    Charleston 32 (E032)
    West Hopkins 33 (E033)

    Pride 36 (E036)
    Dawson 37 (F037)

    East Charleston 41 (F041)
    Richland 42 (F042)

    Nicholas Foster

    Division V

    Kerri Scisney

    Board Vice-Chairman
    Email: Klscisney918@yahoo.com

    Fairgrounds 14 (B014M)
    James Madison 20 (C020M) 
    Fairgrounds 22 (C022)

    Pride 25 (D025M)
    Rizpah 26 (D026)
    Rizpah 27 (D027M)
    Rizpah 28 (D028M)
    Rizpah 29 (D029M)
    West Broadway 34 (E034M)

    West Broadway 35 (E035M)


    Kerri Scisney