PI DAY 3.14 March 14


              Theme – ’13: The Perfect Year for Math




    What is p(Pi) Day/Math Awareness Day?


    p(Pi) Day occurs on March 14 (that is, 3/14) and honors the special number 3.14.... The purpose of the day is to foster creativity in and enjoyment of mathematics. This p(Pi) Day contest encourages students to participate in mathematics in imaginative, alternative ways.




    13: A Perfect Year for Math.  Since math is involved in some way with many different fields, contest entries must be developed in the context of an area of study such as art, language, technology, music, the humanities or, of course, mathematics..



    How can you participate?

    Projects may be submitted in one of the following categories. (TYPED) 



    Math Puzzles


    Geometric Models


    Song Lyrics

    Math Games




    Posters: Subject must be related to the theme,  ’13: A Perfect Year for Math.  Maximum size is 22" x 28". All media will be considered. Poster must mention p(Pi) Day 2013.



    PowerPoint:  Create a 3 – 5 minute computer-based presentation using Microsoft PowerPointTM.  This presentation should be designed to be either self-running or to be advanced by the user and should be on the theme, ’13: A Perfect Year for Math.   .