Honors PreCaculus Syllabus

  • We will cover all the core content that is beyond the Kentucky Program of studies for math that is beyond Algebra 2.  This course will prepare the student for College Algebra or Calculus


                Both students and teacher have the right to go about learning and teaching in an environment free from disruption and interference.  Therefore, you are expected to follow these four rules of conduct:

    1.  Come to class prepared to learn with appropriate materials.

                *  Be in the classroom and ready to begin when the bell rings.

                *  Bring all materials needed for successful learning.

    2.  Participate fully in class.

                *  Follow directions for lessons and classroom procedures.

                *  Attend class and actively engage in all activities.

    3.  Be respectful of all members of this class- yourself, your classmates, and the teacher

                *  Be courteous and pay attention during class presentations by the teacher or your                            classmates.

                *  Accept and respect others when working in small groups.
      4.  Be in your seat before the tardy bell rings


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