Calculus Related Rates 2012 - 2011-2012

  • Calculus Shoebox Project


    Make up a RELATED RATE word problem and illustrate in it a shoebox, using small toys, cutouts, pipe cleaner figures, play dough, etc.


    Hand In:


    1. Clearly written statement of the problem (separate from box as well as IN box). 
    2. Answer key for problem; include labeled drawing, formulas, and complete solution.  This key should be handed in with the problem statement.
    3. Shoe box which is neatly covered (inside and outside).  Your name should be on the box bottom (outside) and in the lid (inside). The problem statement must be part of the scene, placed somewhere in the box- typed if possible.  Box should be turned in with cover ON.




    Problem                       20 pts


                Difficulty level


    Problem Statement       10 pts



    Problem Solution          10 pts



    Shoe Box                     20 pts


    Included in grading will be neatness, flowing directions and turning it in on time…


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