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  • JMMS Bands 14 Feb- 18 Feb

    Greetings JMMS band parents-


    Wow what a beginning to the New Year!  We are getting back into the swing of things and I will get (and keep) you updated with assignments and announcements as we go through the spring and June.

    1) The MNHHS Marching Maroons will be going to Frankfort on Wednesday, Feb 16.  Itinerary is below and dress is “DRESSY.”

    Here are the current plans:

    6:00 am CST  - Students Meet MNH Band Room, roll call.

    6:30 am (CST) - Leave for Frankfort.

    8:30 am (CST) - Stop in Elizabethtown for a restroom break.

    11:30 am (EST) - Arrive at the Frankfort VFW for lunch.

    1:30 pm (EST) - Check in at Senator Rhoades Office (rm. 331) at the State Capitol.

                            Senate & House Recognition.

    3:30 pm (EST)    Depart for Madisonville

    4:30 pm (CST)    Restroom break in Elizabethtown.

    6:30 pm (CST)    Home 


    2)  Practice Journals collected on Feb 14th or 15th will count for either Jan 31 week or Feb 7th week.

    Practice journals will be passed out to students on Monday's and they are also available on the website at the following link:/webpages/aemerson/index.cfm?subpage=1075407



    3) Please check your grades through infinite campus.  Students are receiving 10 points a day for class participation (good discipline, in class with all materials).  Also check tests against the score sheets handed out to the student to make sure the grades are entered correctly.

    4) Solo and Ensemble rosters are set. Perform Saturday, April 16th in Owensboro KY for judges.  

    Students will be rated 1) Distinguished, 2) Proficient, 3) Apprentice, or 4) Novice.

    Music will be passed out on Tuesday, Feb 15th if they do not already have music.


    1Destin RickardTrumpet
    2Nicole HallClarinet
    3Tristan LileTrumpet
    4Jacob DiMercurioTrombone
    5Madison WheatleyTrumpet
    6Jesse PiercyTrumpet
    7Anna Quijano EckardClarinet
    8Bethany NelsonFlute
    9Kati RamageClarinet
    10Christopher DefiniTrumpet
    11Megan WilliamsBass Clarinet
    12Isaac StrongTuba
    13Rebecca PorterHorn
    14Skylar StanleyHorn
    15Skylar StanleyTrumpet
    16Skylar StanleyClarinet
    17Nicholas ShoultaTenor Saxophone
    18Joe RatliffAlto Saxophone
    19Jake DeLeonAlto Saxophone
    20Hunter CarterTrumpet
    21Brandon ParksBaritone
    22Josh StewartAlto Saxophone
    23Elliott QuinnAlto Saxophone
    24Isaac TedderAlto Saxophone
    25Shayna HatcherAlto Saxophone
    26Zach BeardenTenor Saxophone
    27Chase BrowningTrumpet
    28Jocob SharpTrumpet
    29Jordan McCayTrumpet
    30Lacey SwaidnerTrombone
    31Lexi LopezBaritone
    32Nathan MartinPercussion
    33Kyle RamseyPercussion
    34Isaac DavisTrumpet
    35Raliegh MarvinTrumpet
    36Konner RushTrumpet
    Sax trioLutz Quinn Stewart
    Trumpet trioYoung Sharp Browning
    Trumpet duetWheatley Thomson
    Clarinet DuetEckard Ramage
    Fl Cl DuetNelson Guynn
    Fl DuetNelson Oakley
    7th brass quintetWheatley Thomson Darnall Parks Ramsey
    8th brass quintetDefini Browning Porter Swaidner Strong
    French Horn DuetStanley Porter
    Trumpet duetStanley McCay
    Sax DuetShoulta Ratliff
    Baritone DuetParks Brady
    Alto Sax DuetStewart Quinn
    Sax DuetBearden Tedder
    FL CL DuetA Williams Ables
    LB DuetLopez Goodley


    8th grade- is beginning Unit #6 (F Major) exercises and will also be working on Ancient Voices. Test next week on Unit 6 #3.

    We will perform in Madisonville for our district concert festival on Thursday, March 24th or Friday, March 25th. Selections will be Ancient Voices and TBA.


    8th grade jazz band will meet this week. We will be working on "Blues for a New Day." We will be attending the Murray State University Jazz Festival on Saturday, March 26th.  This will be an all day event.

    Saxes-Elliott QuinnJosh StewartBayne LutzIsaac TedderShana HatcherZachary BeardenMadison Fight

    Clarinets- Anna Quijano-EckardKati RamageFowler Marks

    Trumpets- Jacob SharpChase BrowningJesse PiercyAustin YoungSkylar StanleyRebecca Porter

    Trombone- Lacey SwaidnerBen WillisLexi Lopez

    Piano- Morgan GuynnJordan McCay

    Bass- Garrett Wright

    Drumset- Kyle Ramsey

    Percussion- Brandin Stokes


    7th grade- test next week on Blue Book #13.  We are working on sheet music "American Spirit March." We will perform in Madisonville for our district concert festival on Thursday, March 24th or Friday, March 25th. Selections will be American Spirit March and TBA.


    6th grade will review rhythm sheet #4 and chorale #4. Red Book page 15 (all) and begin page 16. No test this week.


    Upcoming Performances----

    Saturday, March 26th  JMMS Jazz Band to Murray State University's Jazz Festival

    Thursday, March 24th  OR    Friday, April 25th

    JMMS 7th and 8th grade bands to Madisonville for Concert Festival

    Saturday, April 16th  select 7th and 8th grade students to Owensboro for Solo and Ensemble festival

    May TBA Spring Concert

    May TBA 8th grade trip to theme park and performance




    Alan Emerson

    James Madison MS, Director of Bands

    Madisonville North Hopkins HS, Assistant Director of Bands

    7:45am-8:25am, planning time

    270.825.6160, school

    270.825.6016, fax

    website: /webpages/aemerson/