My Resources

    Google Classroom
    Visit our Google Classroom to view any notes or assignments or videos from lecture or lab! 
    To find the Google Classroom, go to and log into your school email ( in the top right corner. Click the Google apps and find "Classroom." Click the + near the top right corner and click "Join class." Use the codes below to find your classroom. 
    Code: 7rd1ja5
    Code: my83y5
    Classroom Resources
    1 3-ring binder
    Sticky divider tabs
    Calculator (TI 30 XS)
    Pencils (no pens!)
    Loose leaf notebook paper
    In order to be successful in math class, each student will be required to organize notes in our math binder. Students will be required to use their binder for note-taking and examples as we learn many concepts this year. Students will be able to keep classwork, homework, and other materials in their binders, as well. Notebooks will be checked randomly for completeness throughout the semester and will be used daily in my class!
    All general classroom procedures, content, and expectations are summarized in the syllabus (attached below).
    Go Math
    We will use the district math program called Go Math during the school year. Students will use their Go Math workbooks and will view Go Math programs for some instruction throughout the year. 
    We will also use the online program called IXL this year to practice various math concepts. Students will receive IXL usernames and passwords (written in their agendas) that they can use to log into and practice concepts anytime (at home or at school)!