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    If we have a skills day, make sure that you are completing your assignments in Study Island or have a paper copy of the assignments. 
    If you need assistance, please see the instructions below:

    JMMS 7th-Grade Login Instructions:

    1.       Open a web browser to this address: or go to the JMMS website under the “Student” tab and click “Online Programs”.

         2.       Your username is __________________________. Your password is ________________.

                                      (firstname.lastname.hopkins)                               (student created)

    * Students are expected to complete SKILLS day assignments in order to count as an instructional day.


    To Complete an Assignment:

        1.      On the left side of the screen, click the words “My Classes” in the gray box.

        2.      On the next screen, choose our class from the dropdown menu at the top.

        3.      The list of available assignments is shown. Select the assignment labeled as a SKILLS Day assignment.

    a.       To complete an assignment, click the box next to the assignment and then click the green “Start Studying” button.

    b.      Click the Next button and begin answering questions.

        4.       If you have problems:

    a.       Option 1: Contact your teacher via e-mail.

                                                                   i.      Mrs. Bailey (Math)

                                                                 ii.      Mrs. Blake (Reading)

                                                                iii.      Mr. Doyle (Social Studies)

                                                               iv.      Mrs. Maples (Math)

                                                                 v.      Mr. Thompson (Language Arts)

                                                               vi.      Mr. Young (Science)

                                                              vii.      Mrs. Davenport (Special Education)

    b.      Option 2: Click the “Message Teacher” button. This will send your teacher a message that they will see the next time they log in to Study Island.

    c.       Option 3: Contact a teacher by calling the school at 825-6160.


    Did you know?

    You can find many helpful websites on my resource page! Some contain math games, others contain step by step lessons. 


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    You can contact me by email at: