New Employee FAQs

  • What are my training requirements as a new employee?

    Every new employee has required training online at our Safe Schools training site. Log in with your username (firstname.lastname) to complete your assignments. Trainings are assigned to all employees at the beginning of the year. School principals or district leadership may add assignments based on state or federal requirements throughout the year. If you are hired after the school year begins, your trainings should be available as soon as HR creates your login.

    How do I access my direct deposit pay stub?

    Direct deposit advices are emailed to your district email account each pay period. If you do not have an assigned computer, you may access your email at home or on any available student computer in the school. [More info]

    Can I add my district email account to my smart phone?

    Directions are here.

    What is the procedure for taking a day off? (Examples - sick day, professional day, vacation day, etc.)

    All employees are required to log into Frontline Education to record their absences. Your supervisor will receive an automated email and can approve the absence request online. It is very important that you log your absences in Frontline Education AND complete the sign-in sheet in the office. Absences in Frontline Education are reconciled to sign-in sheets and Aesop data is imported into payroll.  [More info]

    What are the password requirements for my account?

    Staff passwords must contain at least eight characters and contain at least three of the following:  upper case, lower case, number or symbol.

    Will I receive district or school calls when school is cancelled (and other important events)?

    You should receive calls to the home phone number you provided when you completed your new hire paperwork. If you would like to configure the means by which you receive notifications, log into your Infinite Campus account and select the "My Data" link.  [More info]

    Where can I find information about my benefits?

    This site answers many frequently asked questions pertaining to your benefits.

    Where can I find more information pertaining to the district policies and procedures?

    Read the employee handbook. Specific district policies and associated procedures can also be found online here.