Student Resource Officer

  • Madisonville North Hopkins High School Resource Officer: Officer Gregory



    Focus on driver safety

    When school is in session, and a constant influx of new drivers on the road and in our parking lots, we're focusing on driver safety. Our concerns are many but we'll be focusing on:

    Driving Impaired
    Driving Distractions
    Seatbelt use
    Courtesy on the road

    Youth Crime Watch

    The Youth Crime Watch will be working on a program to start in September to bring these issues to the forefront. We'd like all of our students to be safe while traversing the roads of Kentucky.

    Youth Crime Watch program initiated - 08-18-06

    Former Principal, Chad Burgett, and the MNHHS SBDM authorized the organization of a Youth Crime Watch chapter at our school. We'll start with a core group of students. Ultimately two from each class. This core will build the program from there.

    Youth Crime Watch is a program developed and ran by the students themselves. The SRO will only be there in an advisory role. The students determine what the current problems are in the school. They will devise plans on how to reduce the problem and enable open lines of communication between other students, staff, the police, and the community.

    The program is not just focused on the school environment. It's design enables the students to assist in attacking problems in the community as well.

    More information will follow soon as the chapter is developed.