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    Wes Ausenbaugh  

    Wes Ausenbaugh


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    Who We Are:
    The ETS program at Madisonville Community College is a federally funded TRIO program of the U.S. Department of Education, and is currently funded for over $331,000 annually. Its mission is to assist middle and high school students (and a small number of out of school adults) to successfully complete high school and to pursue a post-secondary education.  ETS programs are located all over the United States. Our program at MCC serves 900 students at 25 public schools in the following school districts: Caldwell, Crittenden, Dawson Springs, Hopkins, McLean, Muhlenberg, Providence, and Webster.

    Who Can Participate:

    With the assistance of teachers, guidance counselors, and other school personnel, ETS seeks students who are motivated and have the potential to pursue a post-secondary education and would benefit from ETS service. We are mandated by the Department of Education to select a certain number of students who fall below certain income levels and /or whose parents did not graduate from a 4-year post-secondary institution. However, not all ETS students are required to meet this criterion. ETS seeks a wide variety of students. New students are recruited primarily in the fall semester, particularly 6th grade students; however, referrals are appreciated all year and from all grades. Interested applicants must submit a completed application in order to be considered. Submission of an application does not guarantee placement in ETS.


    What We Do:

    ETS has many activities for students all year long.  Monthly in-school workshops, college campus tours, and enrichment trips are conducted during the school year.  Summer activities include summer academic enrichment day campus for middle and high school participants and a 3-day summer academic and culture enrichment trip for high school students.  ETS also provides newsletters and other mailings to both students and parents. Topics covered by ETS include:

    • Career Exploration

    • Goal Setting

    • Study Skills

    • Drop-Out Prevention

    • College Campus Tours

    • ACT Test-Taking Skills

    • Job Outlook

    • Critical Thinking

    • Self-Esteem

    • Cultural Thinking

    • Cultural Enrichment

    • Communication Skills

    • Post-Secondary Information

    • Financial Aid

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