FAQS Messaging Service for Staff

  • Hopkins County Schools will use Infinite Campus Messenger with Voice for communication with staff and parents this school year. If assigned to a school, you may receive outreach calls from the school. You will also receive school cancellation calls and other types of district-wide notifications from the district office.  Read the parent portal FAQs here as many of those general questions might be relevant for staff.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will all staff receive a phone call using this service?

    Currently both full-time certified and full-time classified staff assigned to a school and district office staff will receive calls for school closings and possibly other calls sent out from the district. No certified or classified substitutes are currently in the system at this time.

    I am currently getting contacted at just my home phone number. How can I select other numbers or modes of communication?

    Staff members who have a campus login at the school can log into their campus account and choose Census > My Data to request changes to their contact preferences. Screenshots can be found in this document. If a staff member does not have a campus account (but does have a parent portal account), contact preferences can be selected when they log into the portal account. More information can be found here.

    Will I get a text message when there is a school closing?

    You will only get a text message if you select TEXT for High Priority and General communications AND the district sends out the text message in addition to the email and phone option. Currently all school closings and district messages will be sent in the High Priority or General categories.

    I am classified staff at a school and am not a parent of a student. Therefore, I have no parent portal account. How can I change my contact preferences if I don't have an account?

    If you do not know your Infinite Campus login or believe you do not have an account, please contact HR so that we your account information may be sent to you via email. Identifiable information, such as birthdate or SSN# and your current school assignment, will be needed.

    What can I do to ensure that I receive calls from my assigned school?

    Please contact HR if you are not receiving calls from your school so that you can receive the proper district assignment. 

    I work for more than one school. Can I choose which schools I want to receive messages from?

    If you work for more than one school, you will only receive calls from the district unless you are assigned to a school where you teach courses. If you are assigned to teach a course at a school, you will receive messages from both your school(s) and the district.