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    Ashley Gaines

    Browning Springs

    Wendy Eaves, Cindy Ray, Traci Lutz


    Laura Latham, Casey Winstead


    Wendy Mitchell, Scott Moore


    Tanya Walker


    Amy Polley

    Jesse Stuart

    Jeannie Mayes, Kertrenia Bursztynski

    James Madison

    Andy Belcher, Karen Solise

    North Hopkins

    Michael Zimmer, Crystal Carlton


    Stacey Snyder, Justin Hundley

    South Hopkins

    Tara Cardwell, Susan Ainsworth


    Mauretta Gillespie, Connie Holmes

    West Broadway

    Melissa Parker

    West Hopkins

    Melissa Lipe, Jennifer Long


    1st Trimester Meeting (September 6, 2014) Follow-up Notes/Documents:

    • Agenda with notes
    • An activity course named "Admin Grade Check" has been created at each school.  The school will need to create a section and enroll every student into that course for the 'in-progress' grade check to work using Athletic Eligibility.  Once the students are enrolled into a section, this document will demonstrate how to run the report to check in-progress grades.
    • Our goal is to provide parents and students an accurate look at in-progress grades in the portal. Posting to term and progress report throughout the term only shows the grade at the time it was posted.  Since we learned that not all teachers post consistently and it varies school-by-school, this group decided that the best means to allow us to reach our goal was to look at how to produce an in-progress grades report that will enable school and district administrators to keep a progress check on students while allowing parents to see (in yellow) an accurate view of in-progress grades at any point in time. We discussed that each school would tell teachers to enter and not post grades.  Central Office will delete all posted grades in Term 1 posted so far to allow each students' portal to show in-progress grades. Schools will close all grading windows. They will then open the grading window for progress report at the appropriate time and will ask teachers to post to the progress report for the first trimester progress report.  We hope to utilize a new custom built progress report for the 2nd trimester. Once this report is ready, we'll delete the progress report grading task to clean up the portal and Grades tab view.
    • Infinite Campus:  New Look, New Features - These directions were created by Micki Clark, teacher at Madisonville North Hopkins.  They are the best we've seen out there, so we asked for permission to share.
    • This document shows you how to enable adobe acrobat in Firefox.
    • Quick Reference:  Roster Printing
    • How to Open/Close Grading Window
    • Campus Messenger Function - This document was also created by Micki Clark - thanks, Micki!

    2nd Trimester Meeting (January 6, 2015)

    Possible topicsTeacher Messenger, Student Groups, Parent Portal Set-up

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