Welcome Friends

  •  Friends,

    It's a new day on the Ridge and I am thrilled to be back with the elementary special needs students.  My name is Lisa Allen and I have been married to my husband Anthony for 23 almost 24 years.  We have two children: Mark who is 22 and Caitlyn who is 2.  Yes you read correctly.   There is a 20 year gap between my oldest and youngest and no in between.  My family is what is most important to me and that is why I decided to go into teaching.  I have been teaching for 13 years.  All of those years have been here at West Hopkins School.  It is the family environment and the connection to the students that I find so important.  I hope as parents and students, you feel the same. My door is always open or call me at 825-6130.  You may also reach me by email: lisa.allen@hopkins.kyschools.us