My Home Page

  • Welcome to my library!  
    My name is Jennifer Brasher (the students call me Ms. Jennifer), I am the librarian here at West Hopkins. At West, we encourage students to read as much as possible. We teach them that a book is an open door to a new world or a new adventure! Each book a student reads, gives them the opportunity to learn about new cultures and people, animals or a place.

    Visit often to meet our unique library pets. We have guppies, turtles, and bearded dragons.
    Like most libraries, you must be quiet, do not run or yell, and always put a book back where you found it. My library isn't like others, you never know when a student will be on the couch reading, or sitting in the book nook, sitting on a bean bag or some times in the floor under the tables. I encourage students to get comfy and read.