Counseling is available to all DJJ students. DJJ students will receive a minimum of two hours of group work and a minimum of one hour of individual counseling services each week. Outside agency counseling may also be recommended to individual youth. Other services that are offered to the family include family counseling, parent education sessions, and other parent involvement activities.  


    Family involvement and support are seen as integral components to the Hopkins County Day Treatment Program. Part of the mission of the program is to provide family therapy and counseling, depending upon the needs of the individual student and family. Regular involvement by the family will occur as part of the youth’s participation in the program, regardless of the counseling needs. Contact with the parents or guardian of each student will occur at least every two (2) weeks. Counseling and social services staff will schedule face-to-face contact with the parents or guardians at least once each month. In-person communication is requisite to receive maximum benefit from the program. Alternate sources of contact and communication may be pre-arranged with the counselor. This may not necessarily be a formal family therapy session, but could involve a conference with a parent at the facility regarding treatment planning and review. 


    The treatment team consists of the HCDT staff and student. Parents, guardians, court designated workers, impact workers and any other persons with an active interest in the student are all welcome to attend and contribute to the treatment team. The purpose of the treatment team is to work from an interdisciplinary approach in bringing together, coordinating, and disseminating information. Focus will be on the treatment and educational needs of each student.  All members of the treatment team contribute to the development and revision of the treatment and instructional plan. Weekly treatment reviews and conferences are scheduled. Comprehensive reviews of the student’s progress that involve the parents are conducted at least every 60 days either in person or by phone conference.