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    Earlington Elementary Schoolwide Expectations

    AND Classroom Rules

    1. "Bee" Positive

    -Use kind words and actions with others.

    2. "Bee" Respectful

    -Follow directions the first time they are given.

    -Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

    3. "Bee" Responsible

    -Bring your signed "Bee" Binder everyday.

    4. "Bee" Willing to Learn

    -Look and listen when others are speaking.

    Earlington Elementary has a new mission statement. Faculty, staff and students will recite our mission daily.

    "The Mission of Earlington Elementary is to provide all students with a safe and nurturing learning environment that unites teachers, families and community in challenging and motivating students to become respectful, responsible members of society."


    I love teaching at Earlington Elementary. I was a graduate of Murray State University in 2006 with the distinction of Murray State University Elementary Education Senior of the Year and most recently with a Master's Degree in Administration.  Prior to college I was in the Air Force for 4 years. I followed in my fathers footsteps as he was in the Air Force for 23 years. In these years, we traveled to many countries including Germany, Spain, France, England, South Korea, Canada, and Japan. We also were able to see a great protion of our beautiful country. Through all these experiences, it is my hope that I can bring my adventures into Earlington Elementary so your child may have wonderful experiences as we learn together.

    As for my family, I am married to my wife Dawn, a veteran teacher at Hanson Elementary. We have been married for several years and have two wonderful girls, Jordan and Kirsten who several actvities. We live in Madisonville and love the outdoors. The 4 of us enjoy the outdoors with hiking and kayaking. We are avid grillers and love experimenting with new sauces and rubs in our recipes all the time.  We are also very dedicated to our church and are Homegroup leaders.

    It is my hope that we get to know each other throughout this year and years to come. I know without your help and assistance that you child may not be as successful as possible.  So please contact me with any needs or concerns you may have. My email is Thank you and have a blessed day!