Information Technology

  • 1st Trimester

    CIT 120 MCC Computational           Intro to Digital Game B           Game Design & Development A              CIT 111 MCC Computer Hardware/Software                          

    Google code - 5qhpox3                 Google code - vju3tky            Google code - vrgcusv                         Google code - 3zh6xuv

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    2nd Trimester

    CIT 160 MCC Intro/Net Concepts       Game Design & Development B            Advanced 3D Game Development                CIT 144 MCC Python I

    Google code - 3qvqoar                      Google code - a73b3vj                        Google code - jh7ytik                                 Google code - p5vctnv

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    3rd Trimester

    CIT 180 MCC Security Fundamentals          Intro to Digital Game A               Advanced 3D Game Development B                      CIT 149 MCC Java

    Google code - 7k7muru                                Google code - pdrj7hf                 Google code - w5v7g4z                                            Google code - m2svunc

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    Information Technology



    My name is Willis Holmes.  I was a computer technician for Hopkins County Schools for 9 years.  Then I became a teacher, and I have just finished my 10th year of teaching Information Technology.

    Currently we are offering three Career Pathways in IT


    Network Security

    Digital Literacy

    Computer Hardware/Software Maintenance


    Internet Technologies



    Computer Science

    Digital Literacy

    Computational Thinking





    Game Design and Development

    Digital Literacy

    Game Design Principles

    Intro to Dig 3D Game Graphics

    Advanced 3D game Development





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