• Central Storm possesses a positive attitude and respects others.

    WE strive for integrity and dedication

    so that we are known for our excellence. 



    What is PBIS?

    Hopkins County Central High School is part of the Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline (KYCID) for POSITIVE BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTIONS and SUPPORT (PBIS). 

    KYCID Mission

    “The mission of the Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline is to train and support schools in the implementation of positive, proactive, and instructional strategies so students become self-disciplined, responsible, and productive members of the Commonwealth.”

    The design of the PBIS approach is to educate all students of acceptable social behaviors and to adopt and sustain the use of effective, positive practices throughout the school and community.

    PBIS Goal

    “To establish a positive environment that supports the adoption, sustained use and expansion of evidence-based practices designed to improve student behavior.”



    Students Expectations

    Stay Positive

    Stay focused & Positive

    Be Kind to Others

    Do your best

    Take Pride in your school


    Tolerant of Others

    Respect  individuality

    Respect the rights of others

    Use appropriate language & Voice Level


    Ownership of Actions

    Be responsible of actions

    Be honest

    Dress appropriately


    Respect Self and Others

    Accept Ownership of your actions

    Respect privacy of others


    Meet High Expectations

    Do your best everyday

    Be a good role model

    Set positive examples for others