Mission of the Academy

  • The mission of Hopkins County Schools Academy is to positively intervene with students who are currently not succeeding in the traditional school environment.

    The target student population to be served by Hopkins County Schools Academy shall include:

    • Those who are credit deficient and/or at risk of dropping out
    • Those in need of school setting different from the traditional setting
    • Those who need individualized programs which parallel district and state standards

    Educational Environment:

    • HCSA will utilize flexible scheduling to meet student and district needs, and instruction will focus on preparing students to be proficient and to graduate according to Commonwealth standards.
    • HCSA will provide students with an alternative school environment where curricula and resources enable him/her to master life skills that are critical to social, emotional, and academic growth.
    • HCSA will encourage interaction between school and home and will inform parents about techniques and strategies to work effectively with their children.
    • HCSA will define clear, explicit student expectations, deliver positive reinforcement, and provide consistent, firm, and fair behavior management in an environment that is conducive to learning.