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    Mrs. Erika Russell

     Computer Applications Grade 6-8

    I can build computer and technology skills associated with higher education and the workplace.

    phone Phone calls & Emails:

    I try to check email in the evenings to answer student questions and parent concerns; however, that is not always possible.  Please be patient...I promise to get back with you in 24 hours.  You are more likely to get a faster response by email rather than phone.  

    Kentucky Technology Curriculum/Education Standards

    SYLLABUS with Course Details  

    Digital Distractions Agreement or the 3 R's

    JMMS Bell Schedule 2019-2020
    Period Start Time End Time Minutes
    1 (plan) 7:45a 8:30a 45
    2 (6th Grade) 8:30a 9:15a 45
    3 (7th Grade) 9:15a 10:00a 45
    4 (8th Grade) 10:00a 10:45a 45
    6th Grade
    Lunch 10:45a 11:10a 25
    A&A 11:10a 11:35a 25
    5 (6th Gr) 11:35a 12:20p 45
    7th Grade
    A&A 10:45a 11:10a 25
    Lunch 11:10a 11:35a 25
    5 11:35a 12:20p 45
    8th Grade
    A&A 10:45a 11:10a 25
    5 11:10a 11:55a 45
    Lunch 11:55a 12:20p 25
    6 (7th Grade) 12:20p 1:05p 45
    7 (8th Grade) 1:05p 1:50p 45
    8 (plan) 1:50p 2:35p 45