Melissa Hust Exploratory Team - Drama and Dance

  • Welcome to Mrs. Hust Web page-

    Hello! It is a pleasure to be here at James Madison Middle School. First I will share a little about my teaching history. I have over 17 years teaching experience in the public school system and 14 years in the private sector as a dance studio owner/operator. After completing high school in Ohio I earned my Bachelors of Arts in Communications from Georgetown College, KY then completed a Masters of Education (secondary)from Western KY University focusing in Communication Arts. Eventhough I have a passion for reading, dancing, and cats, I find myself very active in a variety of projects that involves crafts, jewelry, exercise, and foods.

     I am honored to take on the creative challenges of the JMMS youth as they explore movement and drama at JMMS. Together, as a team and learning groups, we will contribute to the school's report card by providing additional arts education. We will find ways to incorporate the fun of drama and dance with the grounded fundamentals of academia.

    When projects are coming into play, I will try to give parents, grandparents and/or guardians a heads up so supplies can be gathered and time can be  managed in order to complete the project. Another goal for me is to post dates for tests so you will know when these events are occuring as well. Communication is welcomed. My voicemail is set up on the school phone so you can leave voice mail or e-mail if need be.