Phone Messaging Service

  • Hopkins County Schools uses a phone messaging service for parents which allows us to better communicate information to students and parents. It is integrated into our student information system, Infinite Campus.

    Following are some types of information you can receive from the school district or school using this phone messaging system:

    • School cancellations or delays
    • Emergency situations
    • Parent-Teacher Conference information
    • School reminders and deadlines
    • Attendance

    Home phone numbers already entered into our student information system will be called.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I add another phone number to be called?
    If you have a parent portal account, you will have the ability to choose the ways you would like to receive notifications. Options include home phone, cell phone, work phone, email, and/or text messaging. If you do not have a portal account, you will not have the ability to add additional methods to be contact. Please note that the caller also has the ability to select the type of message they want to send. If they select just a phone option, email and text messages will not be an option. In other words, you set your own preferences, but the preferences will apply only if the caller selects all message types when they send a message.

    How do I set up a parent portal account?
    Click here to learn how to set up a parent portal account.

    How do I change my contact preferences in the portal?
    This document explains how to set your contact preferences in the portal.

    I deselected my household home phone number from my contact preferences, but I keep getting calls on my home phone.
    While other methods of contact can be chosen by the parent, we will always call the home phone number as well.

    How can I update my phone numbers and other contact information?
    This document explains how to request changes to your demographics information within the parent portal.

    Can I receive district/school notifications via text as well?
    Yes, but it's not for certain you will receive all communications via text as it requires two steps. First, you must update your contact preferences and select 'text' as a method of communication for each type of message you'd like to receive via text. Next, when the caller sends out a message, they must first send out a message for email and phone and then send a separate message, as well, for text. It will be a school and district decision on whether or not they will send out text messages in addition to email and phone messages.

    Do substitute teachers receive calls using this system?
    At this time, substitutes are not entered into the system. If they are a parent, however, they will receive notifications associated with their parent account.

    My spouse does not have a portal account, but I would like to add his/her cell number to be called in addition to my cell phone number. I have already used the field to my own cell number.
    We recommend that you update your contact preferences with an OTHER PHONE number that is your spouse's cell phone. You must also check OTHER PHONE to receive calls for the type of communications that you prefer.