Welcome to the Counselor's Corner

  • Welcome to the Counselor's Corner!  This is my thirteenth year as the Counselor at Pride Elementary School and my eighteenth year serving Pride Students.  Each year gives us all an opportunity to start fresh and be better than we were the year before. If you are new to Pride I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to you and to the Counselor's Corner and if you are a familiar face I welcome you back for another year as a Pride Falcon. 

    At Pride your child's education is treated as a journey rather than a race. We strive to help your child learn and develop academically and socially and I have the privilege of helping our students, parents and staff in working toward that goal. I hope you find our building and staff to be a welcoming place. We want to hear from you if you ever feel otherwise. Working together for the best interest of every child yields the most success and that is our goal!

    My services include classroom guidance lessons that revolve around a central theme  as well as individual counseling as needed.  However, I do try to keep the children in their classrooms as much as possible  .  Our teachers are great at making judgement if it is a situation that warrants for me to step in and take them aside for individual support. I also invite you to keep me aware of anything that might be going on with your child that we need to know about. I am truly here as a support to your children.

    Additionally, I am an assistant to Mrs. Saint. There are many times when you will see me alongside her to support the administrative responsibilities and needs of our school.  Another role all Counselors  possess is the Building Assessment Coordinator (BAC) for our schools.  This involves all the management issues of scheduling and complying with all the state and federal regulations.


    Please feel free to contact me if I can be of service to you or your child. I will do my very best to help or direct you toward a service or path that can! I hope you have a great school year and your journey this year is filled with wonderful memories of your child's elementary education at Pride.