Coach Manning's Online Classroom

  • Welcome to Career Education


    The purpose of this class is two-fold: to help you learn about practical living (that's the living part) and vocational studies (that's the working part).

    The word "practical" is connected with ordinary, everyday interests and activities. When you learn about practical living, you learn the skills and knowledge you need to live your everyday life, both now and as an adult. Your study of Practical Living in the classroom will involve consumerism, financial literacy, and stress management.

    The word "vocation" is another word for occupation: it generally refers to an occupation for which you are particularly well suited. Vocational Studies, then, introduces you to the skills and information you need to select a career that interests you, find a job in that career, and keep a job. In Vocational Studies you will learn about the various choices you will make as you prepare for a career. This involves exploring options, setting goals, and making decisions. You'll also learn about the skills and work habits that lead to success in future schooling and in the world of work.