Frontline Absence Management for Employees

  • It is required for all employees (with the exception of bus garage employees/bus drivers) to enter their own absences into Frontline Education Absence Management regardless of whether or not a sub is needed.

    Per board policy, your immediate supervisor must be notified of all absences, and certain absences must be approved as well. This is accomplished by simply entering all absences into Frontline Absence Management.

    • In order to provide the highest level of service, employees are expected to be at work and on time every day. However, when circumstances dictate, the Board provides various types of leave under which absences may be authorized. Employees who must be absent should inform their immediate supervisor as soon as possible.  03/123/03/223
    • Personal leave must be approved by your supervisor.   03.1231/03.2231
    • Employees who will be absent from work to serve on a jury must notify their immediate supervisor in advance.  03.1237/03.2237
    • The Superintendent may request that employees present a doctor's excuse for absences that exceed five (5) days.  03.1232/03.2232

    This page will provide resources on how to use Frontline Absence Management.

    Prior to implementing this new procedure, all district employees will receive an email from to notify you of your ID number and PIN.

    How do I interact with Frontline Absence Management?



    • 800-942-3767
    • Simply follow the voice menu to enter and manage absences and access other features.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I change my phone number in Frontline Absence Management?  Complete and return the form below to update your phone number in Munis.
    • What kinds of days are marked in Frontline Absence Management? You will mark sick, personal, dock, professional (if you are a teacher needing a sub) or vacation days in Frontline Absence Management.
    • If I have an extended calendar and will not be working on an extended day, will I need to notify Frontline Absence Management?  No, you will only enter absences listed above.