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Plan for Return to In-Person Instruction

Hopkins County Board of Education has approved a plan for the return to in-person instruction. School will begin Wednesday, Aug. 26, with #HCSatHome (Non-Traditional Instruction.) The approved plan includes the following:

  • Non-traditional Instruction, Aug. 26-Sept. 4;
  • Soft Openings with Non-Traditional Instruction, Sept. 8-11;
  • Hybrid Model with in-person classes, Sept. 14-Oct. 2;
  • Fall Break, Oct. 5-9;
  • Non-Traditional Instruction, Oct. 12-23;
  • Hybrid Model beginning Oct. 26.

NTI may include bringing in small groups of students for short times, such as introducing kindergarten students to their teacher and classroom at the beginning of the year.

This plan is subject to change at any time according to collaboration with the Hopkins County Health Department. Parents are encouraged to #MakeAPlan for any possible changes. Parents have the option for their child to enter the Remote Learning Program at any time. Students may return to in-person instruction from remote learning at the beginning of a trimester. #TeamHopkins

Posted Tuesday, Aug. 25