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Superintendent's Message on TikTok Challenge

Superintendent's Message: TikTok Challenge

The following message was sent to parents through Infinite Campus email on September 20, 2021:

September 20, 2021

Superintendent’s Message: TikTok Challenge


Dear #TeamHopkins Families:

I want to let you know about a TikTok challenge that is causing damage to our schools and ask for your help to stop this quickly.

The Devious Lick challenge on the social media app TikTok has encouraged students to vandalize schools and school property. In Hopkins County Schools, we have had soap dispensers torn from restroom walls, soap removed from dispensers, and various items, including library books, thrown in toilets.

While some students may consider this to be a prank, these actions are a serious matter. As a reminder, there are consequences for theft, vandalism and criminal mischief. These consequences can include criminal charges and the payment of restitution to cover monetary damages, as well as school discipline outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Our school resource officers and administrators investigate every incident and these students have been disciplined. Our schools have also taken additional measures to repair the damage and increase supervision of the restroom areas. Now, we are asking for your help. Please talk to your students and emphasize that these actions damage school property and there will be serious consequences.

 As always, we appreciate your support.



Amy Smith
Hopkins County Schools