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Pride Students Expand Taste for Fruits, Veggies

Pride Elementary students got a taste of asparagus on Thursday as part of the new Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. The goal of the program is to introduce children to new varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables. Reactions varied from “It tastes a little bad” and “It was good, but I’m not a big fan,” to “I ate the whole bag.”

The first two weeks of the program, students got to try mango and kiwi. So far, mango has been their favorite. Students also learn about the fruits and veggies through co-curricular activities. The federally assisted Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is funded through a grant. #TeamHopkins

Container with baggies of asparagus and sign free snackGirl with bow in hair eats a bite of asparagusA boy tries asparagus while another boy watchesA boy tries asparagus with five kids in background