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SHMS Adopts New Traffic Pattern

Traffic Pattern Change for SHMS beginning April 8, 2024




  1. Cars will enter from Hwy 41 and stay STRAIGHT for the new designated CAR LANE. Cars will drive toward the school and then turn LEFT below the bus loop where the car rider line will form into 2 lanes (right below the flag pole). THIS IS VERY DIFFERENT THAN HOW WE HAVE BEEN DOING THINGS.  This 2 lane area will be the new loading and unloading zones for students. 

  2. Students will walk down the cross walk area (using caution as they cross) to load and unload from their car. Cars will then proceed forward as the line moves and then make a left to exit the west side of the parking lot into either a left or right turn lane heading out toward HWY41. This is the OPPOSITE direction cars have been going in the past.

  3. MERGE WITH CAUTION to your appropriate left or right turn lane. Please be careful and look for buses entering the lanes, as you exit the loading and unloading zone.  

  4. Please do not be in a hurry.  Unfortunately, things will be much slower which is often frustrating, but our main focus is to make sure everyone is safe.  Also, if there are high school students driving to SHMS to help with siblings, please review these changes with them.




  1. Buses will enter from highway 41 in a designated BUS LANE and stay straight to drive up to the circle loop as usual.  

  2. Once buses have finished, they will exit the same path as the car rider lanes (west side of the parking lot). Buses will stop to make sure students are NOT crossing the crosswalk prior to driving toward HWY 41. Please be aware that these 2 exit lanes will be areas where cars and buses may need to change / merge lanes. 



Club Southside Drivers:  

  1. Traffic to Club Southside will continue to enter from highway 41 and stay straight to enter into Club Southside (these cars may drive up along the bus lane from Hwy 41 to avoid being stuck in car rider traffic).  There will be no changes for this process.

  2. EXITING Club SS has changed.  Please turn right at the car / bus interchange and follow the bus / car exit lanes out of the school to depart the west side of the parking lot toward HWY 41. This is DIFFERENT than how it has been..  

Football Players:

  1. Players will need to be picked up and dropped off in the new car rider lanes below the bus loop.  The service road that drives to the football stadium will be off limits due to construction workers utilizing those areas for their equipment. 

Walkers to Southside:

  1. All students that normally walk over to SSE in the afternoons will need to ride Rt. 28.  No walkers will be allowed to due to construction in the grassy areas between the schools. 



  1. If you are needing to check your child out throughout the day or drop off a student, you may continue to pull up to the front doors in the bus loop, but only between 8:30 AM and 2:00 PM. The front parking lot will have a few visitor parking spaces that may be used during bus loading and unloading times. 


Students were taken outside to the new car rider loading and unloading zone on Thursday, March 28th and shown the locations for all of this new information.  Hopefully they too can be of some assistance if you are confused during the first few days of this transition.  As construction progresses, there may be additional changes along the way (including parking for summer extra curricular activities) so we will do our best to keep everyone as informed as possible. Most importantly, please do not be in a hurry;   this will be a much slower process than we are used to. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we begin this new phase. Thank you!  Ms. Richey