Grapevine 4th Grade

Grapevine Elementary School 4th-grade Zoom class view on wall TV screen teachers reached out to their students virtually Wednesday morning, Aug. 26, through a Zoom session. With the district starting on #HCSatHome, the first day of school looked different this year, but teachers maintained a focus on their students. These teachers worked on strengthening personal connections while helping students feel comfortable with virtual learning.

“It was very beneficial to be on that Zoom first thing this morning, to be able to see those kids, and see their smiling faces,” said teacher Justin Hundley. Their first assignment focuses on “Who am I?”

“We’re going to Zoom again on Friday, and they’ll present what they’ve done on the ‘Who am I?’ assignment,” Hundley said. “We’re trying to get them used to logging in and getting the online platforms ready for them so that when we do start instruction, they’re ready to go. We’re focusing on those social connections first to make sure they’re ok, they’re happy, they’re healthy, and to try to get a good start on their instruction.”