Amanda Bearden - James Madison

James Madison social studies teacher Amanda Bearden is starting her 16th year in the classroom. Amanda Bearden

“To not have the kids here, it’s quite different,” she said Wednesday morning. “We’re trying to make these phone calls, trying to make sure the kids and parents know what’s going on. A lot of our kids have already logged in to Google Classroom. They’ve started sending us messages. … We’ve created a syllabus. We have a classroom syllabus we’ll give out when the kids get here, but we also have an online syllabus.” The syllabus gives Quick Links, Google Classroom Expectations, and how students can reach out if they need help.

“We all continue to learn,” Bearden said. “I watch historical TV. That makes me a nerd, but I like learning things. I think we need to so we can fill in that gap. My kids I have this year, they’re missing things from last year, but we’re got to keep going with the flow. These kids need a schedule, they need that stability and I think school gives that to them.”