Sonya Shockley 6-6-2022

Hopkins County Career & Technology Center business instructor Sonya Shockley received the Remember Your Sonya Shockley Why Award at the Board of Education meeting on Monday, June 6.
Shockley deserves this recognition because of the difference she makes in the lives of her students, according to the two people who nominated her. She teaches her students skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. She equips them with knowledge of the newest technology and software so they are ahead of the typical high school student. She spends countless hours after school preparing quality lessons and creating fun projects. Mrs. Shockley greets each student at the door, gives them real-world projects, and reaches out to anyone who misses class to make sure they are ok. There was low interest in the business program when she came to the CTC. That quickly changed, and there was a waiting list for the classes at the end of her first year. She goes above and beyond every day to take care of students and make sure they are smiling and in a great state of mind to learn!
Shockley said her “Why” is that she gets to share in the learning experiences of her students and celebrate in their victories!