Missy Cobb

Melissa “Missy” Cobb, the PE teacher at Southside Elementary, received the Remember Your Why Award at the Board of EducationSix people stand in conference room at CTC meeting on May 15. She is described as a teacher who cares, and one who goes out of her way to spread love to others. As an example, she was given the task of morning outdoor car rider duty. She decided to make it her mission to bring a smile to students’ and parents’ faces! She has purchased costumes that she wears when greeting the children and has developed relationships with their parents. The car rider line has gone from a place of frustration to one of joy. She also reaches out to co-workers, checking in with them and offering to help when they are going through a difficult time. She is described as a teacher who shows up for both students and co-workers!

When asked her “why,” Cobb said, “Sometimes joy and/or comfort are found in the simplest of actions. My why is to extend kindness, a smile, a reason to laugh in hopes of bringing at least a glimpse of joy or comfort into the lives of our students, their families and my co-workers. I view each of those groups of people as an extension of my family. In return, I am the recipient of joy and comfort.”