Blaine Luckett

Madisonville North Hopkins High School student Blaine Luckett was presented with the Remember Your Why Award at the Jan. 29 BoardFive people stand together in front of table including boy in jrotc uniform of Education meeting. Blaine has demonstrated amazing leadership skills throughout his time at the school, setting an example of hard work and kindness to others. As a member of the MNHHS JROTC, he encourages and builds up other cadets in the program. He recently took the initiative to help a man who had fallen when leaving school. While there were other students around, Blaine dropped all his belongings to check on this man. He helped him to his feet and into a vehicle that was picking him up. Blaine always puts others first! 

Blaine explained his “why,” by saying, “I choose to put others first and show kindness because you never know what they are going through in their life.”