Hot Spot

Do you need a mobile hotspot? 

Great news!!! The "Last Mile Internet" grant with KDE will create up to 234 mobile hotspots for qualifying students. To see if you qualify, follow these steps:
1. Student/parent/guardian can call 270-821-8114 (PACS office). PACS will have an application process and will give the student/parent/guardian a voucher that they will then bring to their school.
2. After bringing the voucher to the school, we will inform our Tech Dept. and they will get a hotspot set up for that student/household.
Additional information:
• The hotspots are from Kajeet with AT&T service. The hotspots can be remotely managed and filtered.
• Students/Parents/Guardians can call Kajeet support directly for help with their hotspot at any time (we will send more information on that when we get it).
• All hotspots will be active starting Nov. 3rd, 2020.